Welcome to Savage Progress!

The Goal: To Savagely Promote Sustainability to the MASSES To inform the Overworked and Underpaid Our Platform: Arts, Entertainment, and Community</p

The magazine measures about 5″ by 8″ and will be about 100 pages and it will be a Free to Collect item.. meaning- anyone anywhere can just pick it and start reading! It’ll have tons of great articles coving hand crafting, sustainability, bicycles.. and a whole lot more.. along with a quarterly “diary” entry on where I am with my project and how far I’ve come in the journey.

This Magazine will be the FIRST ever to be laid out from the Middle of the Ocean.. I’m currently setting up my boat such that it will be Digitally Connected WHEREVER I GO.. I’ll be having Bullpen sessions, Zoom Meetings.. everything needed to produce the whole magazine.. from the cockpit of My Boat (the, as yet, unnamed  boat).

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