Under Construction

With Apologies.. the site is still being built and there are a couple *tiny* hurdles. This doesn’t mean you can’t sign up and start contributing to the growth and outreach of sustainable concepts.. it just means the site is missing a couple *key* ingredients to make it HUM!

Current Work/ Component Needs
    • I am currently configuring the system to facilitate interpersonal connections.. meaning- friend and follow other people at the site (and they can friend & follow you). It’s Number One on priority list and I know it isn’t all that hard but I’m using a new system so there is a bit of a learning curve for me. If you are a wordpress coder or developer or admin.. and you want to volunteer to help out.. drop me a note ASAP.
    • I am, also, working on making PDF sales arrangements so that The Monthly Magazine can be distributed to as wide an audience as possible.. so, sometimes site dev might take a backseat to.. site outreach.