For over 30 years… for the majority of my Adult Life I have used the Bicycle as a core component of my day.. as my primary method of day to day and lifelong mobility.. and The Bike has been a core component informing me of sustainable lifestyle choices and options. I have, always, sought options that would reduce my impact on the planet and pivoting that has… always been The Bicycle.

But I am not like the many
And educating my example produces single digit returns.

To be specific, in all my years I have effectively educated exactly ONE person away from the life based around The Car.. ONE PERSON adopted cycling as a core component of their day. Not bad- one person is better than none. Especially when you are as vocal about the benefits of cycling as I am.

At any rate- not only am I using OceanCyclist as my pivotal promotional platform for the advancement and adoption of cycling but I am leveraging Savage Progress for the development and promotion of SIMPLE sustainable measures that anyone can adopt.

My primary “Target Market Group” is my own economic milieu.. the Overworked and Underpaid. Those who have no time nor available funds to explore sustainable lifestyle options.

To be specific- I was watching a documentary about The Lightbulb. I think it was, actually, titled “The Lightbulb conspiracy.” At one point, an environmentalist was giving a speach to a group about sustainability. The location of the speach was in a “hoity toity” marble walled room (if memory serves.. it’s been a couple years since I saw the movie) and the Audience was made up nearly entirely of advanced age upper middle and upper class citizens. Mostly female. That scene, right there, struck me as to the Class Division that exists within the Environmental movement.

But.. the Overworked and Underpaid are a HUGE population and it is my distinct belief that MANY small sustainable options can be adopted for the enhancement of life in general and reduction of the costs of life making Life In General.. better.. less stressed.. allowing these people the opportunity to seek personal and professional growth and advancement instead of constantly living from paycheque to paycheque with no security or stability.

So… let’s get PROMOTING.. let’s get sharing ideas.. online, in print.. apply to be a Sustainability AUthor.. use the Application form below….