My name is M. Scott Ault.. 
I’m an author.. artist.. and adventurer.

    I guess you could say that I am, also, the Managing Editor to this magazine called “Savage Progress..” since it’s my idea.. my baby.. and I’m doing all the work to get it launched.
     I’ve long been involved with print publishing. I started as a volunteer contributor to my local university newspaper and quickly rose through the ranks.. to Arts and Entertainment editor and finally Managing Editor.. before spreading my wings and launching my own monthly periodical “The Standard Exhibit” that covered the arts and entertainment “scene” in the Thompson- Okanagan regions. 
    But, I do admit that my lifelong love is for bound document publishing.. ever since I was a wee lad the only thing I could see for myself was being a published author. Imagine trying to explain to your grade three friends that you had no interest in being a Farmer.. a Fireman.. or a race car driver.. that all you wanted to do was write your story and have it on bookshelves the world over.

   If you haven’t heard.. I’m also known as The Ocean Cyclist cuz.. like, I’m building a pedal powered boat that I’ll be piloting around the world in the very very near future. It’s a HUGE undertaking and I’ve got a ton of work to do for it. One day, however, I was trying to figure out how I wanted my Newsletter to take shape and what it would look like when I realized that a quarterly FREE print magazine would be exactly what I needed. So, Savage Progress is partially purposed for promotions with a pinch of funding for Ocean Cyclist.

    In short.. I love print media.. and I love the idea of pedalling a boat around the world. It makes sense to put it all together.

    Oh- it looks like I’ll be Digitally Connected throughout my journey.. that means I’ll be able to do layout and host ZOOM based bullpen meetings right from my boat!