w/ MayHem & MisDemeanor

A sardonic take on divination provided to the readers from the twin sooth sayers “MayHem” and “MisDemeanor.” The only problem- neither we, nor they, know which is which. Or if they truly are related.. truly are twins.. truly are, even, soothsayers.

This article comes with the heavy caveat of “This is JUST entertainment. Following instructions, ideas, or motivations is not suggested, recommended, or advised.”

This article was born when I was the managing editor of a small university paper and it grew to a “Must Read” after I migrated it over to my own paper, “The Standard Exhibit.” It is, now, being reborn in to Savage Progress with the introduction of one (or two… or three) new writers.. who will be introduced shortly.

Interested in being either (or both) MayHem and/ or MisDemeanor?? Use the Application form below and let me know!