EcoFits Wanted!!

I’m Looking for YOU.. students, experienced.. anyone wanting or already working with eco fabrics.. for a Pre Launch Fun Fashion Show!!

I am, currently, negotiating the use of a super cool local BacklotA Backlot is a film/ video production area that is, generally, closed to public use but might just look like a regular street.. oftentimes, the “structures” in the lot will look, from one side, to be a complete city street but go through any of the doorways and you will be looking at plywood, supports, and not much else as the Backlot can often be just a facade. that is fully dialled in as an Old West Town.. it has dirt streets, fully built up structures (with interiors) and so much more.. 

I’m going to be shooting segments to be used in a music video for the song “Toy Soldiers  Toy Soldiers (excerpt): When I look at your buzz- cut bullet brothers // Teaching treachery and deceit // Lecherous and laconic leaving lovers cold and alone // Just peonistic pawns in this retrograde facade //” that I am, currently, recording.. I decided to place the visual cues within the Old West town in order to highlight the dichotomy of popularist ideals as compared to forward thinking concepts that the song deals with.

The video will, also, be used as a micro- short teaser for a longer video play I am hoping to shoot during the month of June that will include the aforementioned song along with an “EP’s” worth of additional compositions.. with the more fleshed out video being a further examination in to the dichotomy of ideals.

Awesome Add On Uses of The Backlot
I’m talking to some aerialists, some fine art models, and other peeps to come on The Set (along with the extras and peeps that’ll be IN the video) for fun and entertainmentThe Video Production Day will be taking place just prior to my unofficial Launch Weekend.. a two day Webathon Fund Raiser for Ocean Cyclist and Savage Progress. The fashion show will be presented during The Weekend.. in promo, highlight, and detailed manner value. I’ve always looked at things differently and I’m gearing up to launch The Savage Progress in a big way.. your participation will be GREATLY appreciated and promoted through the first few issues.

So.. what’ll we be doing?
How about a super cool Fashion Show in an Old West Saloon? The on- set people, the extras.. The Everyone There can be Guests of The Show.. with (possibly.. pending structural considerations) Aerialists to the left of the runway.. Aerialists to the Right of the Runway.. your pieces running down the middle aisle. And more!

I want you in the SHOW.. it’s June 8~ 11th.. so hit the button, below, and fill out the application form.
Deadlines are fast approaching..


My ~ additional~ Challenge To You..
With almost 30 years of arms length involvement with environmental fashion, I am well aware of the standard designs that are commonly presented within the environmental fabric realm. Hemp clothes are… well, they LOOK like hemp clothes due to their cut and hang. Linen.. that’s “old lady’s design” for the most part. I want to challenge that! My Challenge to YOU is.. create sexy.. create skimpy.. create current.. but create appellant pieces! While not tied to linen.. I’d like to see what alternative pieces and/ or collections are possible if we challenge the status quo.. challenge the day to day. Development of a Collection and/ or pieces using new materials to you can take time.. I see this as a long term project.