Sustainable Content.. Published- SUSTAINABLY

    The purpose of this magazine is to promote sustainability through the effective publishing and distribution of a monthly digital ‘zine and quarterly Print magazine.

The magazine will feature articles, experiences, and information from my own project “Ocean Cyclist.”

    It is my interest and intent to leverage sensationalism for the effective  adoption  of Sustainable Lifestyle options such as Cycling on a day to day and lifelong basis. Providing the information in an effective, easy to get, platform and leveraging Social Media for maximized audience growth and development.

But what’s that all mean?

    The Magazine will be “published” using Google Docs (laid out using a combo of Google Docs/ Slides and Pro document layout s-ware like Quark of InDesign) so that ANY site member can simple ADD the DigiZine to their Drive.. and it syncs from device to device! The Doc can go.. anywhere.. everywhere.. all places at all times and not a single tree is killed for the pagination!
    Outreach will take place through Social Media avenues such as Instagram Repost/ Reblogging and *other* platforms.. leveraging connected content mixed with internal content and visually appellant material in order to grow outside of the standard green barriers.