Call 4..

An Unique Opportunity

A New Voice Promoting Sustainability… 
Looking for contributors, comic artists, models, photographers..  
The First Magazine that’ll probably be laid out from all points on the globe!

    This is a Brand New Publication.. the name might changeThe URL was already in my repetoire.. so I figured I’d use it. IF the URL changes, the platform won’t and this URL will resolve directly to the new one and any/ all sign in information should remain the same. .. and the formatmostly a tweaking.. I’m toying with the idea of leveraging the Print On Demand world for monthly output that will be ad free while the quarterly freely distributed magazine will be ad supported... but I have, personally, been involved with Print Publishing for decades and I want to make this awesome concept a reality.. but I need some awesome content submissions. So, tag your friends on socials, spread the word..