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    This is a Brand New Publication.. and the main goal is to PROMOTE SUSTAINABILITY at all costs!

     We need thousands.. millions of people DOING life sustainably.. and they don’t have to be perfect.. I’m not perfect.. we just need volumes of people  changing their lifestyles away from commercialism and towards a more sustainable existence. Small Changes Matter!

My plan is to make information Widely Available.. 

     Do you have a sustainable HACK that you wanna share? Do you have a story you want to get out there? Join the site as a CONTRIBUTOR and you can post what ever you want. Registration is a single payment of $35 that gets you lifetime access as a contributor.

     While Savage Progress will be the core and central “locus” of information.. I am, also, working on the impending launch of a bike- centric publication/ web property titled “Wet Pedals..” touted as ‘The Gentleman’s Cyclery‘ or.. more succinctly- Playboy for Cyclists. And while it will contain nude pictorial content.. articles geared to educate towards a sustainable social development will be prominent. And memberships at both sites are being partially used to fund OceanCyclist.

     I do believe that pushing information in to audiences outside of the indoctrinated is what is needed.. I also believe that leveraging sensationalism is a key component to informational outreach. Together, we’ll be publishing Articles that people will need to read combined and/ ot intertwined with visuals that will attract audience.. or, as it was said in a cool movie- the sensationalism will “aggregate eyeballs” to the message! 

Interested? Simple Sign Up for a Lifetime Legacy account and use the discount code “launching2024″ for 100% off.. your account will be migrated to contributor status on aproval.