The Arts… Artists… Artisans

The Death of Love, my Self- Published graphically enhanced literary novel (available today from my website I am author, editor, graphic designer, photographer.. everything except printer.. and thanks to a grant I was able to have this book printed overseas. Let’s get a book ALL ABOUT YOUR ART!!!

I am a Multi- Disciplinary Artist.. I am, also, a member of the “Overworked and Underpaid” population that jacks up the majority of the Middle Class. I have lived ‘just above broke’ for over 30 years and I know.. only too well.. how difficult it can be to gain outreach.

As well, I come from a Fine Arts oriented family. My grandfather, Ludlow J. Weeks, worked with Maurice Haycock, of the Group of Seven. They were schoolmates and colleagues and during their time together in Pangnirtung, my grandfather not only helped build a locally popular building but he collaborated with Haycock on style and visuals. The family rumour has it that Lud was asked to join the Group of Seven but declined in favor of his work in geology that would take him all over Canada.

That is exactly why I launched The Standard Exhibit back when I was living in the Okanagan.. and why I was working tirelessly to re- launch something similar while I was in Vancouver.. with a couple different core concepts. 

Thus.. Savage Progress does not shirk from responsibility and it recognizes it’s diverse audience outreach potential and wants to feature YOU and your art irregardless of your exhibitional resume.. without care for how long you’ve been working in that field.. you could be brand new and so filled with passion for your art- THAT’S AWESOME- or you could be jaded after years and years of trying to get ahead. No Matter.. I want to promote you!

    • Artists in ANY genre… 2D, 3D.. performance art… ANYTHING
    • Artisans who create ANYTHING.. from epoxy paintings to Fibre Arts.. anything.
    • Groups working in localities for the promotion of The Arts…
    • ANYTHING… tell me about YOU!!!