A Quarterly Magazine with Monthly Digital INSTANT delivery
All promoting Community, Society..
and Sustainablism!

The Ocean Cyclist Presents…
    A quarterly print magazine promoting Sustainability! We’re covering the arts, entertainment, events and venues.. we’re talking to Makers and bringing sustainable concepts to the table for mass appeal on a quarterly basis.

    I am currently building a pedal powered boat that I’ll be piloting all the way around the world.. and this little quarterly magazine is my Newsletter! As an experienced periodical publisher, I figured the print magazine format would be super cool to promote all of the various avenues of interest that I am associated with.. I mean, most people aren’t one- dimensional and I certainly am not so let’s share everything- music, modelling, bicycles, art… all of the fun and visually appealing stuff but then throw in some of the more hard- hitting concepts like simple ways yto become more.. sustainable in your day to day life.

    The magazine is Free.. wherever it is found

I’ve worked pretty hard to dial in printing that won’t necessitate huge shipping contracts. So, the magazine is printed close to the distributional source whether it is in Canada, or the US. The distributional scope is Across Canada and down the West Coast with additional distro in the New England corridor (Boston to Washington DC). Find it in magazine racks and other fine places along those corridors and it’s FREE for you to pick up. Want a Subscription? You’ll be paying for the shipping fees only. 

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