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Horrorscopes With May Hem and Miss D Meanor
    The twin divas of divination.. bringing you a sardonic take on what the stars don’t actually tell us! Submissions call is going out shortly to find these two wonderful women who will spread fear and disdain.

Not the Sunday Night Sex Show
    With.. Dame Avarathesca.. not your average advice column as *she* is a bit more concerned with “her” own life.. mirrors are ‘her’ best friend.

    Books, Movies, Music and More.. I’ve already been sent a half dozen books for review and I’m EAGER to get them out to their respective readers.. as with Music.. There’ll be tons of your “usual” suspects for variety production.. with the goal of swapping out the content to webcasting sessions to enhance the whole productive presentation.

    I want to leverage this platform for LOCAL promotions.. anything local. Really local.. hyper local.. Pubs, BrewPubs, Breweries.. restaurants.. anything and everything. If I haven’t reached out to you, you’ll be able to SUBMIT soon! 

    This magazine will be laid out in My Office.. where ever that happens to be on the surface of the planet! I’ll be using the Starlink Marine Satellite network so that I can upload the finished files to the printers.. where ever they be.. in a timely manner. So, the “Managing Editor” will still be ME.. but I’ll be all over the planet.. promoting sustainability.. and using ZOOM meetings for magazine bullpen sessions, networking, and more.
    How cool will it be to have a ZOOM session with someone in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? Or who has just beached his boat on a South Pacific Island?!?!?! Let’s get this going!!!

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